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Cynthia Becker

She's a godsend, and what I needed at that moment

Cynthia has a voice of compassion and empathy... Extremely understanding, on multiple levels.... I've been to maybe 15 psychics throughout my entire life, certain ones multiple times. Not every one is for everybody. Some have been very accurate and detailed, however I leave feeling down or the same. Not uplifted, or not receiving appropriate answers, confirmation, sufficient insight, wise guidance.... Cynthia was a great match for me, she provided these things... when I hung up the phone, I felt that I received confirmation, validation, a deeper level of understanding of myself. Without me having to share much. People who I've known my whole life are unable to offer that... she provided suggestions that made sense to me, to get what I want out of life more, and to grow spiritually.... as long as she's willing to accept me as a client, I'll be one. I don't want to bother her too much, but would love to book another reading or service soon.

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